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 Frequently Asked Questions

​What is my organization number?​

Your organization is the four-digit code that corresponds with your department. 


What is my membership number?

Your membership number is the number you are assigned when you purchase (or are given) a new membership. You will receive your Membership Card with your first order. With this, you gain access to a 5% discount on all items and free shipping for an entire year!

Please input this number at the checkout section of your order.


Why was the amount charged different from my checkout amount?

There are a number of reasons why this might be the case. Once your order is placed, we will review all order details to ensure you are being charged correctly. You may have forgotten to input a promo code or selected Free Member Shipping when you aren't an active member. You may have paid for Standard Shipping (at $14.99) but to save you money, we'll credit you $4.99 and grant you a New Membership to gain access to a 5% discount and free shipping for a year!


What is the return/exchange policy?

Due to each article of clothing being customized after an order is placed, you may only exchange the item for the same item of different size. You will also be assessed a restocking fee of 20% of the value of the item being exchanged. Please ensure that you are purchasing your items in the correct size before you finalize your order by reviewing product sizing guides listed in each corresponding product menu.  Items that are personalized with name, title, department, etc., are not returnable.

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